What to Eat in Montenegro?

Montenegro is a country influenced by Italy, Hungary, Ottoman, Serbian and Austrian cuisine with its historical past and has the weight of meat among the main nutrients. For this reason, in the mountainous regions in the north, the meat products smoked with fresh cream, boiled lamb or milk cooked in milk, and more dried sheep meat or fresh seafood in the coastal areas are common.

The cuisine in the mountainous regions of the country and the coastal regions are different. Kačamak, Cicvara, Popara, Ršstan, Japraci, Brav u Mlijeku, gulaš, Cevapčići, Ražnjiži are among the local delicacies you may need.

Try Montenegro local wines and grape brandy. Famous Montenegrin wines from grapes grown in high quality vineyards in the coastal and southern parts of the country include; ‘Krstač’, ‘Cabernet’, ‘Chardonnay’, ‘Vranac’, ‘Pro Corde’ as well as homemade wines such as Crmničko. Country, outside wine beer called ‘Nikšićko’ and the drinks made of grapes called ‘Lozova rakija’ are also very popular. In the country, which is very sensitive about cheese consumption, it is possible to find many types of cheese that decorate the tables.