1   Property in Montenegro for residence permits.

You can apply for a residence permit after you have received real estate in Montenegro, provided that the real estate you receive is a residence. Your spouse and children under the age of 18 will also benefit from your residence permit. Session permits are issued once a year, must be renewed once a year.

No minimum amounts   2

In Schengen countries, there are minimum amounts in the property to obtain a residence permit. The minimum investment required for the most economical Schengen residence permit is € 250,000. In Montenegro, which is the closest candidate country to the EU, you can obtain real estate and residence permits without minimum amounts, and you may already be advantageous.

3   Real estate purchase costs are very reasonable

In Montenegro, the property purchase tax is 3%. New housing purchased from contractors is exempt from this tax. Since the real estate commission is usually paid by the seller, it is not requested from the buyer. Other costs incurred at the time of purchase are notary and interpreter fees. In other European countries where we operate, the purchase costs are much higher than the real estate value.

Peace of mind with guaranteed payment system   4

In which we perform purchase transactions, the price of property purchased after the contract is signed, your account number in Turkey, specified in the contract, it is paid by the seller to be transferred to the account number. As a result, unrestrictive factors such as the combination of the purchase price on the day of the notarial operation, the risk of blocking or the risk of cash transfer are eliminated.

5   After the house is completed, the residence permit process

After the house is completed, the master applicant travels to Montenegro to apply for a residence permit. The application process is usually completed on the same day, and the residence permit is about 90 days. After the main applicant leaves the residence permit, an application can be made for the family members.