How to Get to Montenegro?

Podgorica Airport is 11 km from the city center of Podgorica, the most used airport for international flights. Turkish Airlines organizes direct flights to the capital Podgorica twice a day. Podgorica can be reached in 1.5 hours from Istanbul. Adria Airways flights from Ljubljana to Istanbul-Podgorica. Air Serbia is organizing flights with Belgrade. From the capital Podgorica, you can drive to Budva by bus and rental car. Tivat Airport, which is also near Kotor, is being used intensively especially during summer periods. It can fly to all European capitals in 2.5 hours.

Direct access is available from Serbia's capital Belgrade to Montenegro. Balkan countries as well as Turkey's close to Dubrovnik, Split and there are also buses moving from cities like Belgrade. Buses stop at Kotor, Podgorica and Budva terminals.

Buses can be used for intercity transportation for economical and fast transportation. Frequent and timely buses usually operate intensively between Kotor and Budva-Tivat-Podgorico. The average bus fare is about 6 euro per 30 minutes.